Ocean Solutions for Oil and Gas Monitoring
Submaran AUV Provides Cost and Reliability Solutions

The oil and gas industry spends on average $20,000 per square nautical mile for hydrographic and other necessary surveys performed by expensive ships with high operational overheads. Localized ocean currents and other environmental data such as salinity, biologics and pollutants, must be collected over long periods of time to aid in the engineering, construction and maintenance of offshore platforms.

Oil and gas research and drilling pose significant risks to the environment including: oil spills, pollution, and physical impacts to the wildlife. These risks not only put the ocean in jeopardy, but lives are also put into perilous situations. Manned observation platforms cost anywhere between $10,000 and $50,000 per day to operate in addition to other opportunity costs such as time and personnel. The Submaran is much more efficient in terms of cost, time and amount of work done in a given period.