Ensuring Port Security Via an Unmanned Vessel
Strategic Remote Monitoring and Intelligent Surveillance

Port security is of critical significance in this day and age. Once a ship arrives at its port, it is often too late to prevent an attack. A weapon of mass destruction can be detonated offshore, or as the ship approaches the harbor, thus securing the harbor is of the utmost importance. The Submaran is ruggedized and can be launched from aircraft, ships, and boats or from the pier.

Vital infrastructure like offshore oil platforms, pipelines, communication lines, as well as coastal nuclear power plants are high-risk terrorist targets and as a result increased water security is essential. These energy and communication platforms are not only a large asset to our communities, but critical to economic and social infrastructure.

  • In addition, piracy has continuously increased for the past 12 years. Maritime piracy is estimated to cost the international economy $7 to $12 billion per year.
  • On the law enforcement side, port monitoring is critical with the increase in drug trafficking and other illegal offshore activities.
  • Unregulated illegal poaching of fisheries and whales by commercial fishing vessels has severely depleted the world’s fish stocks, which have been steadily declining since 1980.

The Submaran would not only be able to help prevent these attacks on valuable resources, but would enable increased monitoring of these illegal activities off shore.